One Year Ago Today: The Birth Control Movie Project was Birthed

It was one year ago this month, that 3 men met over lunch to review a film treatment and associated budget and discuss funding and next steps for the The Birth Control Movie Project.  Before February ended, the following things happened:

  1. The Lord used a previously scheduled event to garner the encouragement we needed to move forward by having one of our experts agreeing to appear in the film.
  2. We met another contact at this event who was going to the 2012 San Antonio Christian Film Festival (SAICFF).
  3. We felt the Lord leading us to send our Director to the 2012 SAICFF.  
  4. At the festival, our contact introduced us to two more of the key experts, who accepted.
  5. We obtained agreement from a forth.
  6. Funding was locked in.
  7. We were officially a go!  

The last year has been both one of hard work, and one of great blessing.  We are grateful to the Lord for the support and encouragement we have received this past year, and for the many kind and helpful comments from friends who believe in this project.