Our Goal:

Help Us Reach the World.

Birth rates are declining, abortion is increasing, and some countries are reeling from the devastating effects of legalized abortion, and their leaders are looking for resources to reverse declining populations. There are many reasons why we want to give foreign people groups all around the globe access to our documentaries, but we need your help.

With your financial contributions, we can continue translating our two films into other languages through the use of closed captions or subtitles.

Services such as Vimeo.com, Facebook.com, and Amazon.com allow subtitles in many languages, which will open up our film to the rest of the world. To date, our films have reached 30 countries, and we desire to see that number grow.


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Our 1st film, BIRTH CONTROL: How Did We Get Here? costs $198 for each foreign language captioned.

Our 2nd film, BIRTH CONTROL: Is It Up to Us? costs $348 for each foreign language captioned.

To caption both films in a single foreign language, the cost is $546.

Please consider donating any amount today to help us reach the world.