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“Having a baby stresses a relationship – it never fixes one.”

Here is short article jam-packed with non-Biblical advice.

  • This articles sets forth the worldview of modern family planning.
  • Family planning is normal.
  • The couple may not be married.
  • Premarital relations are normal, and even so while in an “unstable” relationship.
  • Bickering and fighting in relationships is normal, but requires professional help.
  • Babies bring more stress into relationships.
  • Personal goals are more important than babies, even a frivolous trip.
  • Educational goals are more important than babies.
  • Career goals are more important than babies.
  • It is normal for mothers to work, while leaving there babies to the care of others.
  • It is fine to put off having a baby while you are young.
  • It is acknowledged that if you want a baby, you can’t put it off as fertility declines with age.
  • Babies stress finances, so it is risky to have a baby.
  • Finances are more important than babies.
  • Additional babies take away from time with spouse and the other children; babies may damage other relationships.
  • One should write out the pros and cons of having additional babies.
  • Spacing out children is a good idea; having them too close together is a bad idea.
  • It’s unhealthy to have babies too close together.
  • The personality of children already in the home are an important factor in determining if/when to have the next child.
  • A couple tries to have, or tries to not have, a baby.

Two statements worth noting:

  • Having a baby stresses a relationship – it never fixes one.
  • While there’s never a “perfect” time to have a baby, you should wait for a “good” time.