Contraception is Not the Answer

Eight full-length talks from a panel of nationally renowned speakers expose the dark side of the widespread use of contraception in our culture. 8 CDs.

Topics include:

  • "Comprehensive Failure: The Harm Done by Pro-Contraception Sex Ed,” by Libby Macke
  • "The Emptied Quiver: The Protestant Embrace of Contraception,” by Allan Carlson, PhD
  • "Hormones 'R' Us: How Contraceptives Alter Human Relationships” by Janet Smith, PhD
  • "The Infertile Soul: Contraception's Influence on Faith and Society,” Rev. Thomas J. Euteneuer
  • "The ‘Perfect Family’: How Contraception Affects Marriage and the Home,” by Damon Clarke Owens
  • "Societal Suicide: The Profound Demographic Impact of Contraception,” by Andrew Pollard
  • "The Decline of Males: How Contraception Alters the Status and Identity of Men," by Lionel Tiger, PhD
  • "Women's Liberation? The Cultural Contradictions of Contraception," by Jennifer Roback Morse
  • These talks were originally presented at the Pro-Life Action League's conference, Contraception Is Not the Answer, held in September 2006.