Botkin Interview Completed!

We've finally begun production and we're excited to announce that we completed our first interview for the film with Mr. Geoff Botkin. We couldn't have asked for a better interview. We captured over three hours of content. Mr. Botkin brought amazing wisdom and incredible insight to our arguments and his passion for the message is invigorating! We can't wait to share with you what we are capturing and learning.

The biggest testament to the film and to this message was seeing it lived out.  After the interview, we were invited to dinner with the Botkin family. Not including us, there were 16 people present for dinner. Everyone was enjoying the fellowship and each person was helping prepare for dinner. There was no hint of hindrance or burden from having these children. We each caught ourselves saying "I cannot wait to have this large of a family." It's like the best birthday celebration, every evening of the week.

We'll be posting soon with updates from our next interview on our trip around the country. Stay tuned!