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BREAKPOINT's John Stonestreet Commentary asks HARD QUESTIONS


See today's BREAKPOINT commentary where John Stonestreet asks "Hard Questions" about Marriage, Same-Sex Marriage, and Birth Control.Mr. Stonestreet urges Christians to realize that "we have chosen to embrace [birth control] on the same terms of our hyper-sexualized culture. In light of the rush to completely divorce sex from marriage, hard thinking about contraception is long overdue. Let’s get started." He also says that historically, "marriage and procreation" were connected and that the modern "disconnection has become one of our culture’s default settings. How this came to be is the subject of a MUST-SEE FILM entitled “Birth Control: How Did We Get Here?” The film is the first in a two-part series, and nearly all of the people appearing in it are evangelical leaders."See the full commentary at