Campbell Interview Completed!

Wow! We were so blessed to get the opportunity to interview Nancy Campbell of Above Rubies Magazine. She is a dear lady that is passionate about teaching the younger generation of Christians, especially wives. Mr. and Mrs. Campbell were so generous to open their home to us. They welcomed us with open arms and were eager to share their enthusiasm for the message. Both of them have a burning desire to turn the hearts of the fathers and mothers of the Church back towards their children.

Mrs. Campbell is an inspiration and a testament to the blessing that God bestows on those that follow him. Her vitality and wit mixed together with steadfast confidence in her Savior and were all wrapped up in a sweet visage with a New Zealand accent. She was absolutely charming and incredibly wise. It was an honor to spend time with her.

We were able to capture another 3 hours of footage while interviewing Mrs. Campbell! God has blessed us with two great interviews so far and we are looking forward to several more next week. We are now off to Wake Forest, NC!