Calling all engaged or married couples!

Do you have an objection, a statement or question in opposition to the position that couples shouldn’t use birth control? Have you been asked hard-to-answer questions and are seeking an answer in which to tell your friends why you choose to not use birth control? Or do you just want to tell us why you feel you are allowed to use birth control in your marriage?

Do you have a smartphone, webcam, or video camera?

We’re looking for married or engaged couples to submit their questions on video and upload them to our site, so that we can respond to your questions or objections in our movie.

We want to hear real objections from real couples, and your question could appear in our film! If your question gets chosen to be apart of our upcoming film, BIRTH CONTROL: Is It Up to Us?, we will send you a FREE copy of our movie.


Here are the steps:





We encourage couples to appear on camera together, even if only one spouse talks or asks the question. We seek to communicate that this is an issue for married couples and not for individuals.