Outlawed! The Digital Mp3 Audio Book

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Listen to the thrilling and remarkable story of how Anthony Comstock fought the battle for national purity and won, now in Mp3!

An authorized biography of the great fighter for purity, Anthony Comstock. Originally written in 1913 in the present tense of Comstock’s ongoing work, the story is one of life-and-death adventure, moral and physical heroism, and incomparable achievement.

At the age of 28, Comstock made an unconditional surrender of his life to the will of God; he gave up his personal ambitions and took God’s will for himself, no matter what might be the cost. He entered the fight to rid this nation of obscene materials and to protect the innocent.

Hear the editor, Scott Matthew Dix, read this engaging story straight from the pages of Trumbull’s original work, an adventurous account of a man of high integrity who was uniquely equipped to carry out his God-ordained duties. Engage your culture with a charge from the editor in the newly added foreword, preface and postscript.

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