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FIGHTER: Origins of a Hero DVD

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Watch the Animated Short Film and a special Limited-
Edition Behind-the-Scenes Featurette on the making
of an illustrated novel and moving-comic film!

Watch the adventurous true story of how one godly man almost single-handedly fought the battle for national purity... and won. 
This is a story where the hero is not a thief, murderer, or a desperado who takes the law into his own hands, but a moral hero, whose chief trait of character is standing for the right. 
But how does one become a hero... a real hero? 
There is no such thing as a super-hero. Men do not acquire special powers from other planets, from being bitten by radioactive spiders, taking experimental serum or creating super-powered suits of armor. But, there is such a thing as a true, moral hero. And Anthony Comstock is one such example.  Godly hero’s have origins and this is his story, the Origins of a Hero.
Armed only with faith in God and a desire to protect children 
from the evils of his generation, Comstock put himself under the 
Providential care of the Lord, and lived to see sweeping victories 
against impossible odds.  Such successes may have never been 
seen before nor since. 
From the team behind the award-winning film BIRTH 
CONTROL: How Did We Get Here? and comic-artist Ryan 
Best comes a new graphic novel based on the remarkable 
life of Anthony Comstock.
Our newly republished and retitled book Outlawed! How 
Anthony Comstock Fought & Won the Purity of a Nation 
has been transformed into a captivating illustrated novel
and a moving-comic film to bring the forgotten true 
story of America’s most successful Christian reformer 
and pro-life hero into the hearts and minds of a 21st 
century generation.  His time was not so different from
our own.


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