BIRTH CONTROL: How Did We Get Here?

From Creation to the late 20th-Century, learn how the Church’s reinterpretation of Scripture and rejection of Church history has allowed child prevention to become biblical theology. Raising godly children is no longer marriage’s primary purpose. Instead, adults seek convenience and physical gratification perverting God’s intended purpose for marriage.

Featuring Dr. George Grant, Dr. Allan Carlson, Geoffrey Botkin, Dr. R.C. Sproul, Jr., Lila Rose ,Kevin Swanson and Julie Roys.

BIRTH CONTROL: How Did We Get Here? won Runner-Up to the Best Sanctity of Life film in the 2013 San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival, and the follow up film BIRTH CONTROL: Is It Up to Us? is coming soon in 2013.

"The definitive films on the subject of Birth Control & it's Impact on the Church, Marriage, & Family."